We Are Different

Traditional Accounting

  1. Gets you started with QuickBooks & “see you
    at the end of the year”.
  2. “Call us if you have any questions” (for a
  3. Many revenue sources.
  4. Records to accountant in January or February.
  5. Big event is the tax season.
  6. Does 12 months of work during tax season.
  7. Asks questions in March or April about what
    happened the previous year.
  8. Client waits until 4/15 to find out how much is
    owed to IRS.
  9. Go here for bookkeeping, go there for payroll
    and we will do the taxes.
  10. Client never knows what the fee will be or
    when it will be billed.

Complete Small Business Solutions

  1. Initial Strategy Sessions lets clients know
    where they stand and the plan for the year.
  2. Proactive with clients – no extra charge
    (normally included in monthly service).
  3. Focus on needs of small business owners.
  4. Keep records up to date every month.
  5. Big event is summer and fall for tax planning.
  6. Does December’s work in January.
  7. Asks questions about what happened the
    previous month.
  8. Client has no surprises on tax returns and files
    returns before 4/15.
  9. One stop shop which allows us to help you
    make timely, relevant decisions.
  10. Fixed annual pricing, all-inclusive and
    agreed up front.

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