Accounting Services for Small Business

“No financial statement is worse than a bad financial statement.” — Scott Tilleson

PilesofPaperMonthly Operating Statements: A monthly breakdown of sales, cost of sales and expenses (also called an Income Statement or a Profit and Loss Statement).

Balance Sheet: A summary of your total business assets, liabilities and net worth at a given point in time so you can make decisions about capital expenditures or how to improve profits.

Operating Performance Graphics: A picture is worth a thousand words (or numbers, in this case). Operating Performance Graphics show you the trends in your business… how your sales are doing compared to prior months and years, the month-to-month relationship between your gross profit and operating expenses, and how your profit compares to prior periods.

Bank Reconciliation: A careful comparison and double-check of your bank statement with your checkbook balance each month to ensure you are working with the correct financial information.

General Ledger and Subsidiary Ledger Reports: A record of the dates, check numbers, payees and amounts of all expenses within each of your business accounts. Whether you prepare your records by hand, or use a computer software system, this report will provide you with the assurance that your reports have been prepared properly.

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